Computer Hope


Been on the Internet working on websites from almost the beginning of the internet. With good friend and Manager Robert Pacheco. We made a web site for a Native American store I had called Tumahawk. Then we created a website business called Sunface Productions and made another Store called Sunface Enterprices the idea came from the Sunface Kachina but the logo was a smiling Sun. Through circumstances we both went back to previous occupations. Did learn a lot.  I enjoy being creative in High school I won a jingle contest in a Marketing class but the contestants where from all Metro Phoenix schools. Below is a link to some poems I wrote to give some idea of the creative aspects I have. Have made Brochures, done commercials and currently working with a leading Printing company where I can have almost anything made that's in the printing business. So if you need a website or assistance in other ideas for your business please let me know. Can do cookie cutter websites as well but we can add some pizzazz. Working on upgrading video content. Great for realtors and of course cool stuff.

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